Top Swimming Pool Tips & Tricks

Why You Should Leave Your Brisbane Pool Repairs to the Professions

A swimming pool in your backyard is great for many reasons, including promoting family bonding times, providing an outlet for fun and recreation with friends, and introducing regular fitness into your life. However, as with most things that people enjoy, a pool is a big commitment. And it takes a little bit of work to keep the pool water clean and safe for more fun and recreation.

The responsibility to clean and maintain your pool to ensure user safety lies on you, as the pool owner. And while its true that some pool owners DIY their pool cleaning, maintenance, and repairs, this is something you don’t want to do. DIY-ing your way through pool maintenance is never a good idea as you could end up spending more money in the long run. It’s always best to leave this kind of work to experienced Brisbane pool repairs professionals like you’ll find at Allbrands and here’s why.

Pool Repairs are Complicated

If you’re into DIY projects, it can be tempting to want to take care of your pool equipment repairs and maintenance work without the help of an experienced professional technician. The truth is that Brisbane pool repairs are quite complicated and require the expertise of a water chemist or equipment specialist to properly diagnose and fix the problem. So, unless you have such expertise and experience, you’re better off leaving this kind of work to the professionals.

Working with a professional technicians will ensure your pool equipment are inspected and the right steps followed in resolving whatever issues need to be addressed. The last thing you want is to mess up everything or end up spending thousands of dollars fixing your own mistakes.

Do-It-Yourself Takes Effort and Has Warranty Implications

You’ve probably heard people talk about how they voided their warranty after they attempted fixing their own appliances or equipment at home. At first, they thought they’re saving money and time but, to their surprise, the equipment manufacturer was able to identify some of the issues they may have caused and couldn’t cover whatever had been stated in the warranty document. This happens more often than you think— and you don’t want to find yourself in such a situation.

Relying on a professional Brisbane pool repairs technician is the best option if you don’t want to run into any warranty issues with your equipment manufacturer.

Proper Equipment Maintenance Protects Your Investment

Brisbane pool pump repair
Pool pump under repair

A backyard pool not only improves your home’s aesthetics and encourages family time but also increases the value and appeal of your property. However, the only way to ensure that your swimming pool maintains its value is by keeping it in prime condition, which includes maintaining pool equipment.

Equipment such as pool pumps, salt chlorinators, pool filters, cleaners, and heaters and are generally durable and sturdy but require regular maintenance. As mentioned, taking the do-it-yourself always comes with a lot of implications, and is never a good idea.

To make sure your swimming pool equipment are properly maintained and running optimally, it’s recommended to work with a reputable Brisbane pool repairs service. This is your best shot at ensuring nothing burns out or breaks down unexpectedly and your investment is protected.

Professional Pool Repair Saves You Valuable Time and Money

As a responsible pool owner, you already know that cleaning and maintaining a pool requires effort and takes a lot of time. And if you have a tight schedule or value your time with friends and family, performing pool maintenance can become extremely stressful. Leaving pool maintenance and Brisbane pool repairs to the professionals allows you to focus your effort and time on what matters to you most— family and friends, running errands, business, and more. 

Professional Pool Repairs Provide Peace of Mind

Finally, think about that moment when you’re no longer worrying about pool chemical levels, pool maintenance schedule or pool cleaning. All that you think about is spending time with family and friends in the pool waters creating exciting memories. This is perhaps the best thing you’ll get from working with a Brisbane pool repair and maintenance service. …

Top 8 Fun Tricks to Try in Your Swimming Pool

swimming pool

Looking for some fun tricks to try out in your swimming pool? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up 20 of the best, most fun tricks that you can try in your pool. From simple games and activities to more complex stunts, there’s something here for everyone. Some of these can even be done when visiting public pools. So dive on in and have some fun!

1. Play a game of Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a classic pool game that’s perfect for all ages. To play, one person is designated as “it” and closes their eyes. The other players then swim around the pool while calling out “Mar “it” then tries to find and tag the other players. Once someone is tagged, they become “co.” The player who is “it” then tries to find and tag the other players. Once someone is tagged, they become “it.” The game continues until only one person remains untagged.

2. Have a pool noodle sword fight

One of the best things about pool noodles is that they can be used for all sorts of fun games and activities. One of our favorites is a good old-fashioned pool noodle sword fight. Just grab a couple of noodles and start swinging away at your opponent. Be careful not to hit too hard – you don’t want anyone getting hurt!

3. See how long you can float on your back

This one is simple but always enjoyable. All you have to do is get in the pool and float on your back for as long as you can. It’s a great way to relax and just enjoy the sensation of floating weightlessly.

4. Have a pool basketball shootout

This is a great game if you have a pool with a basketball hoop. Take turns shooting at the hoop from different parts of the pool. See who can make the most baskets in a given amount of time. You can also play H-O-R-S-E to make things more interesting.

5. Play keep away with a beach ball

This is another fun game that’s perfect for all ages. To play, one person tries to keep the beach ball away from the other players for as long as possible. The longer they can keep it, the more points they score. This is a great way to get everyone moving and enjoying the water.

6. Have a water balloon toss

This is a classic party game that’s always enjoyable. To play, two people team up and stand across from each other. They then take turns tossing a water balloon back and forth. The goal is to not drop the balloon or let it break on your side. If either of these things happen, you’re out! The last team standing wins the game.

7. Play duck, duck, goose with pool noodles

This is a fun twist on the classic game of duck, duck, goose. Instead of using your hands to tap someone on the head, you use pool noodles. To play, one person walks around the pool tapping everyone on the head with a noodle. When they tap someone and say “duck,” that person has to duck down. But if they say “goose,” the person has to chase them around the pool. The goal is to make it back to your spot without getting caught.

8. Do some wicked cool flips

If you’re feeling brave, why not try out some flips in the pool? Backflips, front flips, and even somersaults are all fair game. Just be careful not to land on your head or anyone else!